You don’t create the Life, you add to it!

How many of us really look back in life and admit that most (if not all) situations were created because we wanted so? Or, at least, we intended to be it so? Mostly you’ll remember if you think about some positive outcomes. Although, we need to dive more deep into situations that created our life, because we are the product of our character, deeds, value systems and many other “boxes” that we think we are. But is it really that way? Or we are constantly missing the point?

There is the story about the student that came to Master, asking the question: “Master, what is the purpose of Life?” The Master answered: “You think there IS a purpose of Life?” The student stood in a doubt and asked back: “Isn’t there a purpose of Life, then?”  The Master calmly concluded: “If you’d understood the purpose of your question, there wouldn’t be a purpose to ask it at all.” Really interesting point! it’s highly important to realise that we ADD TO, not create the Purpose of Life. Better said, we re-create the purpose almost constantly! Since we are the Instrument of collective energy and thought systems, we are free to add any value to the Life, thus creating the very situations or experiences we want to Live.

Life, at the very fundamental level, is the “soup” of thoughts and emotions intermingled to create certain events we want to experience. We, therein, include several senses (sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch, etc.) and live in moments that we can relate to. That is because we are seriously attached to emotions, or better said – energy – that drives us to make (to experience) something that we can store as a photograph in our memory. In certain countries, people use that memories so often that they lack in creating new ones. How many of your neighbours, or someone in your family creates the life that is miserable, without progress, or even sad? Have you ever wonder why is so?

Everyone can create the reality using the very simple methodology: believe in yourself! Why then, so simple “formula” is hard to carry out, to accomplish happier and easier life? Because we stuck in memories, we think too much about them. If you just ask yourself: “What am I doing in this situation? Is that something I would want to do/have now?” – you will open the energy flow for CREATING new situations. If you believe that you are able to raise the mug with coffee without spilling it out, why you can’t believe that you can succeed in your Life? From many experiences I’ve had in Life, I can tell that all of them were, are and will be perfectly designed and wanted before they manifest. Why? How? How is that even possible?!

Thinking from the perspective of 3D Being, we cannot comprehend WHY and HOW our Life is created. It’s like asking the duck to carry out the ping-pong ball from point A to the point B. It can be helpful if we draw on the white board a line that shows going to the point B will bring along water and food, but how much time we will wait that reality to happen? And will it even happen? Interesting was the discovery when I found out that many situations were created not because I wanted them to be that way, but because I needed them that way. It was the emotion that created understanding, which gave me the famous “a-ha!” moment – all to figure out that in such situations the best decision is – to laugh! 🙂 We already created most of our Life on Earth, before waking up in this body, and I strongly ask you to acquire the needed calming thought: We are not alone; there are many loving Beings that support our work and we need to focus on (re)creating our Present Loving Self.

Living the life as the Creator is not a sin, it’s a blessing! If you really feel and believe it is true and honourable what you do in Life, wouldn’t this reflect a good character, a good Being? Wouldn’t a better life started in the very moment when you decide to give your time, energy and Love to BE present and in service to other(s) and yourself simultaneously? Wouldn’t you like when finish reading this article – to know exactly what you are capable and want to do? What stops you to do this?

Every situation you create in Life is very needed to feel Love through other beings.

May 11, 2018

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